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As Lawyers we are concerned by the protection of our data as well as our Clients' and contacts data. Hence, the Firm and all their members assume a proactive responsibility towards their protection. We fulfil legal requirements as per Spanish and EU LawOur files are registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (206116/2008 y 06138/2008).

Personal data (name, address, phone numbers, email) received by the Firm shall be exclusively treated for communication with their owners and our professional duties as Lawyers in judicial or non-judicial claims. We shall only use data from people who have expressly consented such use (in either way, communications and claims) or, subsidiarily, whenever required for the defense of the rights and legitimate interest of the Firm and its Clients. Particularly, for sending the Firm's Newsletter we shall keep and use only electronic addresses from people who have expressly consented in this regard.

Email messages in our professional exercise are confidential and covered by legal privilege. They are sent to their addressees in accordance with the prior paragraph. If anybody receives a message in error, he/she is requested to inform of the reception and eliminate it without keeping any copies. Our e-mails, whether internal or external, do not request to be attended out of the addressee labour hours.

The concerned person shall be entitled to exercise his/her rights to access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, as well as any other right provided by relevant legislation, towards the responsible of the data treatment  pursuant to applicable Law. In addition, the Firm shall intent to eliminate yearly any data not needed for the abovementioned purposes.

In this regard, we inform that the Firm, taking into account its size and activities, is not obliged to keep a registry of data treatment activities, nor to appoint any other person in charge or a delegate for data protection. Therefore, the Firm is the responsible for data protection.

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